Everyone gets stressed sometimes, but one of your employees seems to be weighed down. Instead of behaving like their cheery, enthusiastic self, they’ve been easily flustered and notably moody.

You’re not sure if something is going on at work or home, but you’re concerned. Not only are they an important part of your team — you care about them as a person. Seeing them so frazzled is hard, and you want to do something to help. Here’s some advice to help them get to a better place.

Listen Intently

Sometimes lending a sympathetic, non-judgmental ear is the best way to help someone who’s feeling stressed. Take your employees aside and ask them what’s going on. Simply having someone to open up to can make a world of difference. However, if they don’t want to talk, respect their wishes, and don’t force it.

Display Empathy

You might have firsthand experience with the issues stressing your employees out, but if you don’t, just try to put yourself in their shoes. Let them know you understand where they’re coming from and want to help. When people are in a bad place, they often feel isolated, so having a shoulder to lean on can make a world of difference.

Lend a Hand

If your employee is having an issue at work, you can probably help make it better. For example, if they’re feeling stressed by a heavy workload, delegate some of their tasks to other employees who aren’t as busy. Of course, if their stress is caused by something in their personal life, you probably won’t be able to help, but at least offer, just in case.

Encourage Relaxation

Help your employees decompress by giving them a little push to relax a bit. Depending on the person and the situation, this could play out in a variety of ways. For example, you might require them to take a lunch break every day — and stop by their desk to make sure they’re doing it — or tell them to take a few days off to recharge.

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