5 Bad Work Habits You Should Ditch Immediately

You’re a fantastic worker, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have bad habits to break. These behaviors have a way of creeping up on you — first, it’s something you do once or twice, then before you know it, it’s become a pattern.

It’s often hard to break habits that have become commonplace because when they’re part of your routine, they can be hard to recognize. If any of the behaviors below sound familiar, it’s time to make some positive changes.

Working Through Breaks

If you sit down at your desk in the morning and barely move until quitting time, you’re not doing yourself or the company any favors. Breaks are part of a standard workday for a reason. Fueling your body with a healthy lunch — instead of working through it — and taking a few breaks throughout the day keeps your energy levels up and reduces stress.

Forcing Productivity

No one works efficiently all the time. When you’re spending more time staring at your to-do list than actually accomplishing anything, plowing straight through it won’t get you far. Clear your mind by stepping away from your desk for a few minutes. A quick change of scenery is often all it takes to help you regain your focus, so you can return to your desk ready to work.


One of the most common bad habits — it’s easy to push tasks you’re not excited about off until later. However, this doesn’t make them go away. Instead, you spend extra time dreading these assignments, adding additional stress to your day. Accomplishing these tasks as soon as possible is a much better idea because it lifts the weight off your shoulders.

Feeling Too Guilty to Take Sick Days

Everyone gets sick sometimes. Your employer gives you sick days because no one wants a sick person to show up at work and spread germs. Working through an illness might seem like a loyal move, but you’re actually just prolonging your illness by not resting — while also putting the rest of the team at risk.

Staying Put in the Wrong Job

Changing jobs is a very big deal. It’s easy to mistake comfort with job satisfaction, but they’re not the same thing. If the actual work associated with your job doesn’t fulfill you, it’s time to move on. You’re far too talented to waste time at a job you’re not passionate about.

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