Lessons Learned from 20 Years in Staffing: Be a Partner, Not Just a Vendor

What has PrideStaff North Dallas learned from 20 years of staffing success?

Where do I start?!

Over the past two decades, we’ve learned so much about what to do to succeed:

· Work with the best.

· Hire a great team.

· Be prepared to thrive in any economy.

But sometimes, the most valuable business lessons come from understanding what not to do. In fact, the topic for today’s post in our “lessons learned” series is as much about what doesn’t work as what does.

Lesson 4: Be a partner – not just a vendor!

The staffing industry is competitive. Really, REALLY competitive. Buyers are becoming more sophisticated, too. In today’s market, staffing firms that are viewed as a commodity are forced to compete on pricing and margins. They’re missing out on huge business opportunities. And they’re putting their agency’s very survival at risk.

PrideStaff’s mission isn’t about selling staffing; it’s about delivering what our clients want. Our account managers aren’t “order takers;” they’re highly trained consultants who have a sincere desire to help employers.

We don’t just sell staffing and placement services. We solve problems!

Over the years, our success has always come from fueling our clients’ long-term success. To that end, our account managers invest time talking to employers and building relationships:

· asking about their business challenges and goals;

· understanding what keeps them awake at night;

· diagnosing and addressing the root cause of problems like turnover and low productivity;

· educating employers about the strategic value of staffing and placement services;

· and treating people the way we like to be treated.

By shifting the focus from selling to really understanding employers’ “pain points,” our team uncovers opportunities to solve business problems – and becomes a true partner in our clients’ success.

Work with a true business partner: PrideStaff

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, I hope you will partner with PrideStaff North Dallas to meet your workforce and hiring needs. We’ll learn about your business, focus on what matters most to you, and help you create a plan that ensures access to qualified talent, right when you need it. Contact PrideStaff North Dallas today to get started!

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