Lessons Learned from 20 Years in Staffing: Partner with Dallas’ Best Places to Work

Shifting economic and employment conditions. Advancing technology. Dramatic evolutions in the way we staff organizations and get work done.

Over the past two decades, so much about our businesses and lives have changed; we’ve gained so much experience and wisdom along the way. As we prepare to celebrate our 20th anniversary, my team and I are taking a look back – and sharing the 12 most valuable business lessons we’ve learned from 20 years in staffing:

Lesson 1: If you want to be the best, work with the best.

When I first opened PrideStaff North Dallas, I had a stated goal of working with some of the Best Places to Work in Dallas. Although it seemed audacious to open a new business and pursue some Dallas business icons, that is precisely what we did.

Why seek out the best?

The adage “you are judged by the company you keep” is as true in business as it is in our personal lives. I realized early in my professional career that, just like every person, every business has a reputation – and that reputation is influenced by the businesses you partner with. So, when I launched my staffing and employment agency, I sought out clients that shared PrideStaff’s reputation for excellence, values and ethical standards.

Through the years, working with the north Dallas’ best employers has created tremendous benefits:

  • We’ve had the opportunity to meet and serve amazing people. Leaders in the Dallas business community are incredibly insightful, talented and gracious. Working with great people pushes us to be our best, every day.
  • We’ve attracted better talent. Great people seek out great opportunities. Offering assignments and positions with top businesses in our market helps us deliver higher quality candidates to all the employers we serve.
  • We’ve built our reputation as a leader among north Dallas staffing and employment agencies. Over the years, we’ve been named: to the Dallas Business Journal’s Best Places to Work and Largest Women-Owned Businesses lists; a three-time winner of PrideStaff’s Office of the Year Award; and most recently one of the best employment agencies in Texas by Top Rated Local®.

Although it took substantial time and effort, partnering with three of Dallas’ Best Places to Work is one of my proudest accomplishments AND we are still working with all of those companies today! Since then, our team has continued to add to those partnerships, and those investments have fueled our sustained growth and longevity.

Celebrate 20 years of staffing success with PrideStaff North Dallas.

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, I hope you will partner with PrideStaff North Dallas to meet your workforce and hiring needs. We’ll help you create a plan that ensures access to qualified talent, right when you need it. Contact PrideStaff Dallas today to get started!


Amy Linn, Strategic Partner

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