In the beginning, this employee was a rising superstar. They consistently exceeded your expectations, had a sunny disposition and were always happy to pitch in wherever needed.

Unfortunately, things changed when the employee got comfortable on the job. Their true colors started to shine, and their real self wasn’t anything like the person you thought you hired.

Once on the fast track to success, these days, it’s hard to even get them to do their job. Since the individual is no longer adding value to your business, it’s time to let them go.

  1. Follow the Proper Channels

Your company probably has procedures in place for terminating employees, so consult human resources for guidance. This will likely involve a lengthy process of documenting specific incidents of disobedience and giving the employee formal warnings. It’s important to carefully follow the rules, because the last thing you want is a wrongful termination lawsuit on your hands.

  1. Don’t Delay the Inevitable

Things clearly aren’t going to change, so when you have everything needed to properly fire the employee, just do it. No one enjoys letting someone go — especially an employee once primed to be a real rock star — but it must be done for the sake of your company. Allowing this behavior to continue longer than absolutely necessary can have a negative impact on your entire team.

  1. Display Empathy When Delivering the News

No matter how you currently feel about this employee, they’re a person about to lose their job. Therefore, you need to be kind when firing them. List the specific reasons for their termination and allow them to respond. Refrain from biting back, because there’s no point in arguing at this point. Make sure HR is in the room, so they can intervene if necessary.

  1. Be Discrete When Informing the Team

As soon as the person has left the building, gather all impacted staff to share the news. Diving into specifics is extremely unprofessional, so simply tell them the employee is no longer with the company. Work together to create a transition plan that ensures all pertinent tasks associated with the position are covered until a replacement is hired.

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