Middle school friendship leads to career success.



Kyle Barnes is our latest “It Pays” winner! With this announcement we were able to celebrate Kyle twice; both with a permanent full time job offer, and for referring his friend to us. Kyle was a hit with our client’s Accounts Receivable department. What’s even more impactful, Kyle was a recent college graduate who proved himself and worked hard to earn a permanent spot on the team.

While Kyle was working his way up with the client, he was also referring his friends to the PrideStaff North Dallas team. Kyle referred his middle school best friend, Stef to our team for career assistance. The two went to separate high schools and colleges, but stayed close through the years. Now Kyle and Stef are back home and helping each other succeed.


Kyle said,  “I loved the process at PrideStaff and referred you all to Stef and she gave it a try. She loves her job at your client now, and was blessed that everything happened the way it did.”


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