First impressions are monumental in most aspects of life, especially job interviews. When you greet a hiring manager for the first time, you want to impress them with your professionalism — not distract them with your inappropriate attire. What you wear to a job interview might seem trivial, but it holds more weight than you realize.

If you seem to have no trouble landing job interviews, but have yet to receive an offer, your choice of clothing might be hindering your success. Increase your chances of finally getting hired by giving your look an overhaul before your next interview.

  1. What to Wear

In most cases, you should be wearing a suit to a job interview. Generally speaking, you should dress one level up than expected for the job. For example, if the company has a business casual dress code, a suit is expected. Similarly, if the company’s standard dress code is super relaxed — think jeans and T-shirts — wear your finest business casual. Dressing appropriately shows respect for the interviewer and highlights your fit for the company culture.

  1. Finishing Touches to Remember

Wearing appropriate attire is important, but that’s not all that goes into your look. Prior to the big day, make sure your clothes fit properly, because a suit three sizes too big looks awkward, not professional. Shine your shoes and make sure your clothes are clean and ironed, because a sloppy appearance will count against you. Understated is key, so ladies should keep makeup and jewelry to a minimum and everyone needs to steer clear of fragrance.

  1. Grooming Matters

After putting your perfect look together, tidying yourself up is the final touch. Appear fresh as a daisy by showering that morning, combing your hair and putting on a little extra deodorant. Little things like clipping your nails and shaving also make a difference, so do everything in your power to appear perfectly polished.

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