Simply put, job searching while gainfully employed is tricky. You’re forced to perform a delicate balancing act to present yourself as a serious candidate, while not doing anything to make your employer suspicious of your impending departure.

It may feel like you’re sneaking around at your current company, but you’re not doing anything wrong. While not the ideal situation, it’s unwise to give notice until you’ve landed a new opportunity. Follow these tips to navigate your quest for a new job without raising suspicions.

  1. Keep Your Search Under Wraps

Deciding to look for a new job is exciting, but avoid sharing your status on social media or at work. You will need to reach out to your network to let your connections know you’re searching, but ask them to be discrete. The last thing you want is for your current employer to find out you’re planning to jump ship and let you go.

  1. Don’t Use Company Time

On slow days at work or during lunch, it can be tempting to hop online and check out the day’s job postings; don’t do it. A colleague could see your computer screen or your boss could check your browsing history, so it’s not worth the risk. It’s always best to play it safe and keep your job search out of the office entirely.

  1. Schedule Interviews Wisely

Every reasonable employer will understand you have to work interviews around your job. Do your best to schedule these before work, at lunch or after work, to minimize the disruption. If your office has a casual dress code, you’ll also need to find a place to change into and out of your interview attire, because walking around in a suit will raise eyebrows.

  1. Leave Your Current Employer Off Your Reference List

For obvious reasons, many companies will want to speak with your most recent employer to learn more about you. However, this isn’t an option if you’re currently employed. Your boss would be less than thrilled to get a reference check from a potential employer when they have no idea you’re planning to quit. Every hiring manager worth your time will understand this and won’t press the issue.

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