Your staff is a mix of people with very diverse personalities. This is great for the most part, because it takes all kinds of staffers to keep your company running smoothly. Of course, conflicting personalities can also cause a divide in your workforce — but only if you allow it to happen.

Stop conflict before it ripples through your staff by facing it head-on. Use these tips to get in front of it before it erupts and nip it in the bud.

  1. Promptly Address the Issue

It’s easy to hope the problem will work itself out in time, but this may only escalate the issue. As soon as the clash is brought to your attention, let employees know you’re aware and pull them aside to talk. If the situation is heated, it’s probably best to give them a few minutes to cool down so they’ll be better equipped to have a rational conversation.

  1. Ask Each Person to Share Their Side

Seeing things from another person’s perspective can be hard. Give each employee the floor to speak their piece uninterrupted. They might not like what their colleague has to say, but they’ll never work past their issues without understanding where the other person is coming from. It’s possible their different personalities might have caused a simple miscommunication that can easily be resolved.

  1. Encourage Employees to Find a Solution

After everyone has said their piece, use this information to reach a resolution. If possible, try to get the employees to solve the problem together. This can strengthen their bond and form a mutual understanding. At the very least, don’t let them leave the room until they’ve found common ground. Make it clear there will be negative consequences for both of them if they can’t get along.

  1. Lead by Example

Employees look to you for guidance, so be the shining example of how you want them to behave. When you don’t agree with someone, listen to their opinion, then politely share feedback. Be willing to step back to see the other person’s perspective and give a little, when necessary. If you treat everyone with respect, employees will follow suit.

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