3 Reasons People Need a Compassionate Leader

As the boss, you’re in charge, but that doesn’t mean you can treat your employees any way you want. Holding this highly visible position means you set the tone for your team, so make it a kind one.

Many leaders prefer to rule with an iron fist because they believe this produces better results — but it doesn’t. First and foremost, your employees are human beings. It’s important to treat them with compassion because it’s what they deserve, and it’s good for business.

People want to work for leaders they genuinely like, and no one likes someone who is consistently cold to them. Here’s why compassion is a key leadership trait.

Increase Motivation

Employees are inspired by kind-hearted managers. When workers are treated well, they return the favor by putting their all into their jobs. Pleasing a boss who goes out of their way to be wonderful to them feels great, so they’ll always push themselves to go the extra mile. Things like having to work a little late on occasion don’t phase them because they know their manager wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t necessary.

Boost Retention Rates

No one wants to work for an uncaring leader. When people have an empathetic boss, they know they have it good. Consequently, they’re much less likely to leave, because they might not be so fortunate elsewhere. A boss has a huge impact on their employees’ lives, so people will certainly think twice before heading to a new company, where things might not be as good.

Make People Feel Valued

The best employees work hard, and they want to know their contributions are valued. They don’t require constant praise, but they appreciate a considerate manager who takes the time to recognize their efforts. Feeling appreciated increases both morale and job satisfaction levels, because people enjoy receiving accolades from their boss. This reassures them they’re part of a team where they’re truly seen.

Finding the right person for the job is never easy, but it can be even more challenging during the pandemic. PrideStaff Dallas is here to help, so contact us today to start your search!

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