Choosing the right person for the job isn’t easy. No doubt, you receive plenty of applications from seemingly qualified candidates for every position you post. However, you have to scratch the surface and dig deep to find the right fit.

The best person for the job isn’t always the most obvious choice on paper. Here are five factors to assess to help you make the right decision.

Cultural Fit

Quite possibly, the most important element, if the candidate’s values and beliefs don’t align with that of your organization, they won’t last. Behavioral interview questions like “What makes you most excited to go to work,” will help you learn more about their personality. Including all immediate team members in at least part of the interview process is another great way to see if they mesh with the group.


Past experience can be a telling indicator of future success. If the candidate has previously held a role similar to the one you’re looking to fill, this is likely a sign they enjoy the work and know what they’re doing. This can be especially helpful if you need someone who can hit the ground running.


Most jobs have a minimum education requirement. It’s important to make sure the candidate meets the requisites for the job because a lack of education or necessary certifications will likely make them unable to uphold your standards for quality and performance.


Before reviewing applications, it’s important to decide how much training you’re willing to provide to get a candidate up to speed. Setting a baseline will make it easier to sort through resumes because you can automatically eliminate candidates who don’t have the necessary training.


Your employees are your greatest asset, so you want to hire people who plan to be with your company for the long-term. Asking questions like “Where do you want to be in your career five years from now?” can help you gauge their future plans. Finding someone who hopes to grow their career with your company is important because you invest a lot in employees, so you want to keep them on board as long as possible.

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