For your company to succeed, you need the full effort of your entire team. This of course won’t happen if people are disengaged and all over the place. Everyone has an off day occasionally, but if your team is unfocused more days than not, something must change. You hired bright, talented people who are capable of doing great things, so it’s time to get them inspired.

Here are a few tips to engage your team and help them focus on the task at hand.

Give Regular Updates

It’s hard for employees to feel engaged when they’re constantly left out of the loop. Make your team feel valued by designating a regular time and method for both team and company-wide updates. This ensures people are always informed straight from the source — you — so they’re not left to find out about important news from a third party.

Set Employees Up for Success

Your team won’t achieve greatness if they don’t have the tools needed to succeed. Help employees do their very best work by providing regular training and the proper resources — i.e., software, adequate work area, etc. — needed to shine. Expect to see amazing results when you hold up your end of the deal.

Create an Incentive Program

Give employees a little extra push to stay focused by sweetening the deal. Offering an incentive for reaching a certain goal will kick them into high gear and make their jobs more fun. This can help people work better and more efficiently, especially when trying to power through tedious — yet necessary — assignments.

Show the Impact of Their Work

In many cases, employees only see their little piece of the puzzle. After completing an assignment, they aren’t able to follow its course through different channels at your company to see its impact, so this can cause them to think it wasn’t that important. Avoid this by helping each member of your team see the outcome of their work. Knowing they’re making a difference will keep them focused and engaged.

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