Happy Mothers Day to Everyone! Although we all might not be a mother, chances are we are celebrating someone, thinking of someone, or visiting with someone that has been a mother figure in our lives today. One thing that mothers are great at is to post pictures, and brag about their kids… well here at PrideStaff North Dallas we love to do the same thing with our employees! CELEBRATE, POST PICTURES, AND LET THE WORLD KNOW HOW AWESOME THEY ARE!!! Celebrate with us by reading about these employees below.


This week we were able to give a referral bonus to SanBria Martin for referring her friend, and a wonderful employee to us! Thank you so much for the amazing employee referral!


We also celebrated a phenomenal employee of ours, Jose G, who hit his one year anniversary! You have been a great employee and we are so happy to have you on our team, you are a ROCKSTAR! Keep up the good work!


It was amazing seeing the flood of awesome reviews this week! We thank each and every one of you all that have left heartwarming messages on Google about PrideStaff North Dallas! Below are a few of the awesome reviews!

We would love to thank you all for keeping up with our weekly highlights and we are proud to launch our new website page! If you haven’t thought about being part of the PrideStaff family please check out our latest job listings here, CLICK HERE to view it!

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