Your employees are pretty awesome. Cheery and hardworking, they come into the office ready to give their all each day. If it wasn’t for them, your company wouldn’t be the success that it is today.

Driven by passion, these people don’t need praise for every accomplishment, but they do want you to recognize the value they bring to the team. Here a few simple and affordable ways to show them how much their contributions are appreciated.

Celebrate Small Successes

There’s no need to wait for a major win to honor employees. When you’re impressed by something you see — e.g., staying late to work on a project or voluntarily taking a new employee under their wing — let the person know they caught your eye. For those on the shy side, stop by their desk to pay them a compliment in private. If the person isn’t bashful, call them out in a staff meeting and let them enjoy a moment in the spotlight.

Start an Employee of the Month Program

Recognize an outstanding team member each month with a formal program. Make it extra special by allowing employees to cast a vote for the person they think is most deserving of the honor. Give the winner a gift card, a dedicated parking spot or take them out to lunch to celebrate. If you have the budget, hang a plaque in the hallway or breakroom depicting the name and month each employee won.

Plan a Pot Luck Lunch

Catered lunches can be costly, so save money by hosting a pot luck. Employees will have a great time showing off their favorite recipes and enjoying a change from their regular brown bag lunches. Give everyone an extended break, so they can relax and enjoy themselves.

Give Praise in a Company-Wide Email

When you’re seriously impressed with your team as a whole, say something. Send an email out to the entire organization that highlights recent achievements and thanks employees for their outstanding efforts. This will only take a few minutes to compose, but it will have a major impact.

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