Hold up your hand and space your index finger and thumb about an inch away from each other. Take a close look. It is said that all it takes to go the extra mile is an extra inch. While that might not seem like monumental distance, that’s all it takes to move from good to great, and great to extraordinary.

An Everyday Hero is someone who jumps in with both hands and feet to work hard, serve others and truly make a difference in the lives of others. They don’t go looking for moments to succeed, but in those moments they find an opportunity to bring their best and pour it into the lives of others.

Watch the video below to learn more about PrideStaff’s Everyday Hero program from author of The Hero Effect, Kevin Brown!

We believe it is Our Mission to “consistently provide client experiences focused on what they value most.” Our outstanding Field Associates carry this Mission with them every day to dive in with both hands and feet to work hard, serve others, and make a difference is only a small part of what makes our Everyday Heroes shine. It’s these tendencies combined with their ability to pour their efforts into others in order to leave things better than they found it that have made our Everyday Heroes an indispensable part of PrideStaff.

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