They might not have much professional experience under their belts, but that doesn’t mean entry-level employees can’t quickly climb the ranks. New hires who are a bit ‘green,’ are filled with raw talent you get to shape.

Since you don’t have to waste time breaking bad habits instilled by previous employers, you can start turning them into rock stars on day one. Here are a few tips to mold them into the best employees you’ve ever had.

Recognize Their Potential

Entry-level candidates have a lot to learn, but that doesn’t mean they won’t quickly excel in certain areas. When a young worker exceeds your expectations, let them know you’re impressed. Praise from the boss always feels great and it will encourage them to keep giving 100 percent effort.

Assist in the Goal-Setting Process

More experienced employees might not need your help creating goals, but entry-level candidates are just getting their start. Work with them to set S.M.A.R.T. — specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound objectives. This will get the two of you on the same page regarding your expectations and provide them with a sense of purpose.

Help Them Learn and Grow

Everyone makes mistakes — especially entry-level workers just getting their start. You might be inclined to overlook some of these mishaps, because you don’t want to discourage them, but that won’t do them any favors. Instead, take them aside, gently provide specific feedback on what they did wrong and offer guidance on how to improve next time.

Schedule Frequent Check-Ins

More experienced staffers might not want or need much of your attention, but entry-level employees are a different story. They’re just learning the ropes, so they need extra face time with you. Schedule meetings with them at least once per week to see how things are going. This will give you the opportunity to review their progress since the last meeting and will serve as a designated time they can ask questions, as some might be too shy to just drop by your office.

Pair Them With a Seasoned Employee

If you want an entry-level worker to learn a certain skill, pairing them with a more experienced employee who has already mastered it can be a wise move. This will help them acquire the ability faster, ensure they’re learning the right way, and will allow them to bond with their new colleague. This person can also help answer other questions they have, so they can get settled as quickly as possible.

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