Improve Your Job Listings in 2016

Finding the best candidate for the job is seldom easy, but sometimes the clues are right between the lines. If you know what to look for, you’ll realize many interviewees make the task easy by putting themselves out of the running.

Keep a look out for these four interview behaviors, because they often signify the person isn’t the right fit for the job.

Previous Work Experience Doesn’t Add Up

A candidates’ work history shouldn’t be hard to decipher. If the person’s explanation of previous jobs doesn’t make sense, they’re probably hiding something. Maybe they don’t have the skills they claim to or perhaps they were fired from a job, but want you to believe the separation was voluntary. No matter what the issue, you can’t have someone on your team who isn’t completely honest with you.

Behaves in a Jittery Manner

Job interviews make most people nervous, but there’s a fine line between a normal level of anxiety and unease caused by something else. If the candidate continuously stutters or back tracks through their stories, this is a sign they’re not being truthful. Keeping a lie straight is hard work, so it’s only natural for the person to be on edge.

Speaks Poorly About a Former Employer

You’ll probably interview many candidates who hate their jobs, but the best ones won’t let it show. Even top talent sometimes finds themselves stuck in a less-than-ideal employment situation, but they know trash talking a current or former employer is a major interview don’t. Anyone who speaks poorly about an employer now, won’t hesitate to do the same thing to your company in the future, if or when they eventually become unhappy.

Responses Appear Too Rehearsed

The best candidates take job interviews seriously. They want to sound polished, so they prepare responses to standard interview questions and spend time rehearsing them. While this initiative is great, there is such a thing as being too rehearsed. If the person knew they couldn’t answer any of your questions without a script, they’re probably not right for the job. You need a candidate who’s more than just smoke and mirrors.

Hiring decisions hold a lot of weight, so team up with PrideStaff North Dallas to find the right fit. We’re here for you, so contact us today to start your search for an outstanding new hire!

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