Every year, you meet with each member of your team individually to give them a performance review. During the meeting, you discuss things they’re doing well and areas they need to work on in the year to come. These meetings are a fantastic learning experience, as they foster employee growth.

You’re used to being on the giving side of the review process, but employees aren’t the only ones who can benefit from an annual review. Consider turning the tables and asking your staff for feedback on your management style, so you know what’s working and what isn’t.

Find Out What You’re Doing Right

Every managerial move you make directly impacts your team. During your review, you’ll learn what you’re doing that keeps them coming back to work each day. Maybe they really like your bi-weekly one-on-one meetings with them or value the fact that you show an interest in their personal life. Knowing what you’re doing right feels good and it keeps you informed, so you don’t inadvertently stop doing something your team likes because you didn’t realize it meant so much.

Get Tips for Improvement

You’re a great boss, but no one is perfect. Requesting feedback gives employees a chance to be open and honest about things you could be doing a little better. These pointers can help you refine your style to better serve your team. Becoming an even better manager will boost morale and loyalty to an even higher level, so while it might lower your ego a bit in the interim, it’s well worth it.

Show Employees You Value Their Opinions

From an employee’s prospective, having a boss who respects them enough to request an annual review means a lot. They know you don’t have to ask for their opinions, so when you choose to make yourself vulnerable, you stand out. Unfortunately, many managers completely disregard staffers’ feelings, but this makes it clear you don’t fall into this category.

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