Finding a great new job is hard work. You’re competing with a lot of talented professionals, so you really have to sell yourself to potential employers. Of course, as a competitive candidate, your resume is already filled with impressive skills and achievements, but you might inadvertently be leaving a few off the list.

Do you have these skills?

  1. Leadership

If you often find yourself taking charge and making decisions when the group is at a standstill, you’re a natural leader. A skill that not everyone possesses, leadership is a trait highly coveted by employers. Holding a management position alone does not equate to leadership, so don’t feel like you can’t put this skill on your resume if you’ve never formally held a supervisor title.

  1. Communication

Every company is composed of a slew of different personalities that need to mesh for things to run smoothly, so communication is essential. Having the capacity to work with colleagues, clients and executives is a soft skill that some people have and others do not. This can make or break your chances of getting hired, so don’t leave it off your resume.

  1. Conflict Resolution

In every office, some employees cause conflict and others step in to resolve it. Clearly, employers want to hire the latter, so market yourself as a calm peacemaker who doesn’t ignite drama. The ability to step into a tense situation and diffuse it without offending either party is really quite impressive, so don’t keep this under wraps.

  1. Team Player

Most jobs require employees to work together as part of a team in at least some capacity, but that doesn’t mean everyone excels at it. If you enjoy working with others and view your colleagues’ success as a win for everyone, you need to emphasize this to employers. Share stories of times you’ve pitched in to assist an overworked teammate or gone out of your way to help people recognize their strengths.

  1. Prioritization

You probably don’t realize it, but you prioritize your schedule every day. Some tasks are simply more pressing than others, so they must be completed first —a must to stay on top in the business world. Employers want to hire someone with common sense who understands items on a to-do list must be ranked by importance, instead of the order in which they’re received.

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