Business is booming and your employees are working hard to keep up. While it’s certainly much better to have a constantly buzzing staff than a bored one, there’s a fine line between being busy at work and having a job that’s downright demanding. If you suspect the line has been crossed, it’s time to step in and take action.

Overworking your staff leads to a slew of unpleasant side effects, including stress, illness, lower employee engagement levels and a surge in turnover. Follow these tips to help your employees get a handle on their unreasonably large workloads.

4 Tips to Manage an Overworked Team

  1. Help Employees Prioritize

Something has to give when there’s more work to do than hours in the day. Meet with each team member to help prioritize their workload, so they know which tasks are the most pressing. Allowing employees to take a break from certain duties that aren’t super important right now can make their day much more manageable.

  1. Encourage People to Take Breaks

Taking breaks might seem like the last thing your employees should be doing when their desks are piled with work, but doing so is very necessary. Getting up and going for a 10-minute walk or heading out for a cup of coffee gives the mind a much-needed break, allowing people to come back relaxed, with a fresh perspective.

  1. Stagger On-Call Nights

If some employees have been working around-the-clock tending to the needs of demanding clients or a system that requires constant monitoring, give them a break by making this responsibility a shared one. Allocate certain days out to different people, so no one is forced to constantly be connected to the office.

  1. Hire Temporary Staffers

Ease the burden placed on your employees by hiring temporary staff to help out until things slow down a bit. These professionals will arrive trained and ready to get to work, so all you’ll have to do is start handing out assignments. When business is back to its usual pace, there’s no obligation to keep them on your roster any longer than necessary.

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