Every company experiences turnover to a degree, but if you’ve recently been flooded with resignation letters from top talent, something has to change immediately. Your best and brightest workers push your company to success every day, so you need to do everything in your power to keep them happy. These ambitious professionals don’t just work to earn a living — they also want to make an impact.

Turnover happens for many reasons, but one most commonly cited is a lack of learning opportunities. Motivated people aren’t content doing monotonous work, so keep them happy by helping to expand their skillsets.

Budget for Conferences, Seminars, and Trainers

Your industry likely has many annual conferences filled with informative workshops, lectures from inspiring leaders and valuable networking opportunities that can be highly beneficial to both your employees and the company. If possible, budget for each of your staffers to attend at least one of these events per year. Don’t panic if this isn’t financially possible, as you can still find valuable seminars in your local area or even hire a trainer to come to your office and teach a whole group at once.

Implement a Mentoring Program

Encourage your employees to learn from one another by pairing people together in a mentoring program. There’re many different ways to do this, including matching staffers from different departments with complementary skills or cross-generational pairing, allowing millennials and baby boomers to gain valuable lessons from one another. In addition to growing their skills, this will also help your employees form more cohesive bonds with one another.

Offer Tuition Reimbursement

Heading back to the classroom for a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or certificate program can be life-changing, but the sky-high costs make continuing education out of the question for many people. Invest in your staff by reimbursing all or part of their tuition expenses, requiring them to stay with your company for a certain amount of time in return.

Host Lunch and Learns

Once a month, host a lunch and learn that helps employees broaden their horizons. Speakers can be anyone from staff members to professionals from the community or even clients, as long as they have something of value to teach the group. This is a fun, informal way to make learning a part of your company culture, allowing your team grow and gain exposure to new information on a regular basis.

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