Finding a great job that checks all the boxes on your list isn’t easy, so when you spot your ideal position, you want to pull out all stops to make a great impression. It can be tempting to stretch the truth about some of your skills or past job experiences to present yourself as the best possible candidate, but resist the urge.

Simply put, exaggerating the truth is lying. What may seem like a harmless white lie to you can easily turn into a nightmare if you’re discovered. It’s always better to present your real self, and if a company passes you up, it’s their loss. Getting ahead in the workforce is stressful enough without having to constantly look over your shoulder to see if anyone has caught on to the web of lies you’ve spun.

If you’re still thinking a few little resume embellishments won’t hurt you, use these truths to reconsider your decision.

Feigning Competence Doesn’t Work

It’s easy to add a few skills you don’t have to your resume, but if you’re able to fake your way through the hiring process, you’ll be expected to display those competencies from day one. When you’re given assignments you’re unable to complete, it will be quickly obvious to your new boss that you lied about your skill level, which may result in a very short tenure with the company.

You’ll Probably Get Caught

Even if you’ve lied about something that’s not glaringly obvious — such as having certain skills — you’ll probably still be discovered. In today’s digital era, it’s easier than ever for employers to find information online about candidates and employees. Hiring the wrong candidate is a very costly mistake, so most companies have a very thorough vetting process. You can be certain your digital footprint will be traced, and your chances of employment will be ruined if your lies are discovered.

Lying Breaks Trust

No one wants to have an employee on staff who can’t be trusted. You might make it through the hiring process and even last for awhile in the job, but a lie on your resume could still come back to haunt you. Honesty is a quality highly valued by employers, so if you’re busted for lying on your resume — even years after you were hired — management will wonder what other ways you’ve deceived the company. Even if you’re not fired, your reputation will be permanently tarnished and your colleagues will lose respect for you.

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