Hiring decisions hugely impact the future of your company, so it’s important to extend offers wisely — but you already know that. You have a few open positions on your team, so you’re ready to jump in and get the hiring process started, but before doing so, take some time to look at each opportunity from a candidate’s perspective.

It goes without saying that you want to fill each opening with top talent, so you need to make sure you’re presenting the company as a desirable place to work. The most in-demand candidates have their choice of employers, and you need to make sure your organization measures up.

Define Company Culture

Company culture hugely impacts a person’s employment experience, so you need to describe yours in a manner that attracts your ideal candidate. Clearly define your company’s values, vision, norms and practices to help people understand what it’s like to work for you. During the interview stage, expect to be asked about everything from your office environment to what motivates your team members to succeed.

Talk to Current Employees

One of the best ways to find out why your company is a great place to work is to talk to your employees — especially those who have been with you for a long time. Learn what they like most about their jobs and organization as a whole, and use information this to appeal candidates. They’ll almost definitely come up with reasons you hadn’t thought of, which will certainly be very helpful.

Evaluate Salary and Benefits

When accepting a job, money isn’t everything, but it certainly is a major factor. Conduct an analysis to see if the salary and benefits you’re offering for each open position align with industry averages. The best and brightest candidates know their worth, so if you’re not willing to offer a market rate compensation package, they’ll move on to your competitors.

Assess Company Perks

On their own, attractive company perks aren’t enough to entice the type of candidate you want to hire, but they can help sweeten the deal. Similar to the process used to evaluate salary and benefits, take a look at the perks offered by your company to see how they measure up to your competitors. If you’re already offering the most highly coveted ones, use this to your advantage by touting them in marketing efforts, and if not, consider adding a few to your lineup.

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