It’s hard to believe it, but June is already here! Your employees are probably about to start taking their summer vacations, so before things get hectic around your office, make time to give mid-year reviews. This valuable one-on-one time with each of your staffers is a great opportunity to touch base and focus on the progress they’ve made towards their 2016 goals.

Instead of treating these meetings as a mere formality, take them seriously and use the time to have a real discussion about where each person is at and what they need to do to end the year in a manner that will make both of you proud.

Reassess Goals Set at the Beginning of the Year

Take a look back at the goals you set with the employee at the beginning of the year to see if they’re still relevant. Remove any that no longer make sense and rearrange those that are now a low priority to make time for new projects that have surfaced. Things change constantly in business, so don’t feel bad about having to restructure. It’s much better to shift direction now, than continuing to work towards objectives that aren’t in your company’s best interests.

Give Specific and Actionable Feedback

Simply telling an employee they’re doing a good job or to work a bit harder during the next six months is vague and confusing. Instead, give specific examples of what they’re doing well and where they can improve, so they know exactly where they stand. For example, instead of telling an administrative professional she’s doing a good job at keeping the office running smoothly, highlight her ability to prepare flawless travel arrangements, warmly greet visitors and maintain accurate spreadsheets, so she knows exactly what she’s doing right.

Make It a Two-Way Conversation

Instead of simply talking to the employee, make the meeting a two-way dialogue by asking for their thoughts and opinions — and really listening. Find out any obstacles they’ve faced over the past six months, their expectations for the remainder of the year and any concerns they have about their ability to meet the goals you’ve set. Work together to solve these issues so the person feels like you’re setting them up for success, instead of failure.

Focus on the Positive

If necessary, constructive criticism should be given in mid-year reviews, but the conversation needs to be mostly positive. Get each person excited for the rest of the year by praising their accomplishments, discussing learning opportunities they’d like to have and explaining how their contributions tie into overall company goals.

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