If you’ve been following your standard hiring practices, but are confused as to why the quality of your new employees seems to be falling short, your technique may simply be outdated. Hiring trends change with time, so it’s important to ensureAre your Hiring Initiatives Outdated? | PrideStaff North Dallas you’re constantly assessing your methods and making any necessary adjustments.

You can be rest assured that your competitors are frequently fine-tuning their hiring practices, so failing to do the same can result in missing out on top-quality candidates.

3 Outdated Hiring Practices
and How to Combat Them

Not sure if you’re using the most up-to-date hiring techniques? The following three methods are considered incredibly outdated:

A Long, Drawn Out Hiring Process

In the past, companies could get away with a hiring process that lasted weeks and even months, but this is no longer the case. Your competitors have streamlined their hiring processes, allowing them to hire smarter and faster. If you don’t do the same, top contenders may be hired by another company before you have a chance to extend an offer. Stay in touch with candidates frequently throughout the process, letting them know where they stand and what to expect next.

Failure to Administer Skills Tests

As an employer, there’s nothing worse than hiring a candidate only to learn right away that their skills are better on paper. It’s easy for people to claim to have a variety of advanced skills, but only top candidates can substantiate this claim. Put leading contenders to the test prior to extending a job offer, to ensure they have what it takes to successfully complete the work.

Using the Same Hiring Process for All Positions

Your team is a diverse group of people filled with a variety of personalities and skill sets. If you’re using the same interview methods to fill each position, you’re probably not achieving desired results. For example, sales people and web developers have very different roles that require very different interview styles. Take this into account and develop a unique hiring process for each type of position.

Need to update your hiring practices?

Partner with PrideStaff North Dallas. We’ll work with you to refresh your strategy to bring it up-to-date with current 2014 methodologies.

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