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The month of October has come and gone, but traces of Breast Cancer Awareness Month can still be found at PrideStaff North Dallas. From “hero” photos to pink hair spray, the awareness still streams throughout the office. Each year, PrideStaff North Dallas spends the month of October raising funds and awareness for the Susan G. Komen Dallas race. Team members honored their “everyday heroes” while promoting the cause.

This year each PrideStaff employee set an individual goal, as well as team goals.

Things got competitive… But every dollar counts!!


Regardless of which individual or team raised the most, PrideStaff as a whole earned $3,532 for the cause. Throughout the month, PrideStaff made the best of the competition by holding a bake sale, collecting change, and participating in the Susan G. Komen Dallas race.

As one of the largest women owned companies in North Texas, PrideStaff North Dallas feels a special tie to the Susan G. Komen organization:

“When I moved to Dallas to open our PrideStaff office, there were several inspirational women in the community. I was most moved by the promise that Nancy Brinker made to her sister that ultimately resulted in Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Having the privilege to be one of their staffing partners, we see the difference they make for women first hand. Given our commitment to give back, we began organizing race teams over a decade ago. Three years ago we officially became a sponsor of the event. Each year at the race I am reminded of the impact that one person can have, and each year it is our honor to make one.” –Amy Linn

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