More than 4.1 million secretaries and administrative assistants are employed in the United States, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Another 8.9 million are employed in various administrative support roles.Building Your Personal Brand

Your administrative staff is the backbone of your organization. These hardworking, multi-tasking professionals keep the day-to-day operations at your company running smoothly, so you’re able to focus on other business matters.

Administrative Professionals Week is your time to show them how much you value their contributions to your business. Held from April 20 to 26 ─ with Administrative Professionals day on Wednesday, April 23 ─ this special week is designed to honor these staff members who don’t get nearly the amount of recognition they deserve the rest of the year.

5 Ways to Say “Thanks” on Administrative Professionals Week
The International Association of Administrative Professionals has been sponsoring this special week since 1952. It has grown into one of the largest workplace celebrations, beyond major holidays and birthdays.

Looking for ways to honor your talented administrative staff? Say “thanks” with these five thoughtful gestures:

  1. Beautiful Flowers: Everyone likes to receive flowers at work! Dig around to find your honoree’s favorite type of flowers and send them to show your appreciation.
  2. Lunch Outing: Take your administrative staff out to lunch at a nice restaurant in the area. This is a great way to make the day extra special and spend a little time bonding outside the office.
  3. Paid Time Off: When it comes to fantastic gifts a boss can give their employees, paid time off is typically at the top of the list. Give your administrative staff the day off on April 23 ─ or at least a half day ─ to let them relax anyway they choose.
  4. Gift Cards: Whether it’s a certificate for a relaxing spa day, a shopping spree at their favorite store, or a fancy dinner out, giving your support staff a thoughtfully chosen gift card is a generous way to show your gratitude.
  5. Thank You Card: Taking the time to write a note thanking your hardworking administrative professionals for their dedication may more than any store bought gift. This heartfelt gesture is sure to make them feel special.

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