It has been a very long winter. For most people, summer can’t get here quickly enough.  Warm weather, sunny skies, and the ability to be outside for long periods of time sounds even better than usual this year.Tips on Motivating Dallas Employees | PrideStaff North Dallas

While employees couldn’t be more excited about summer, managers are already a bit concerned about how the change in seasons will impact productivity levels.

4 Ways to Incorporate the Outdoors into Your Workplace
Looking for ways to maintain efficiency with your staff this summer? Well, nothing you can offer indoors will trump sunshine and high temperatures, so it’s best to simply integrate the great outdoors into your workspace. Use these four strategies to integrate summer fun into the workday:

  1. Outdoor Meetings: There’s no rule stating that meetings have to be held in an indoor conference room. Instead of watching your staff stare out the window at the sunshine, indulge them by holding it outside. This satisfies both business and personal objectives, resulting in higher productivity levels.
  2. Picnics on the Lawn: Who doesn’t love a summer picnic? Encourage your staff to get outside and enjoy the sunshine at lunchtime by having a picnic. Cater it if you have the budget, if not, make it a brown bag event. You’d be surprised how an hour outside can re-charge your staff for the rest of afternoon.
  3. Team Bonding Games: Summer afternoons aren’t known for having the highest levels of productivity. Change that by taking your employees outside for a fun teambuilding game when you notice their energy levels sinking. Enjoying a few minutes of fresh air and warm sunshine can help them to re-gain their focus for the rest of the day.
  4. Flexible Working Arrangements: Do your employees actually need to sit at their desks to get work done? If your company supplies workers with laptops and Wi-Fi, give them the freedom to take their work outside. People are much more productive when given the chance to work where they want ─ especially when it involves warm weather and bright sunshine.

Summer will be here before you know it, so if you’re planning to add staff for the sunniest season of the year, it’s time to start working on your hiring plan. Contact the experienced Dallas recruiters at PrideStaff North Dallas today to get started now! 

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