Showing appreciation in the workplace is a great way to ensure long-term success with an organization. Displaying a genuine enjoyment for your job and respect for those around you makes you an invaluable teamManaging Tardy Employees member. Taking the time to show your gratitude also puts your long-term your commitment to the organization on display, letting your boss know you hope to keep your job for the long-haul.

5 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Employer
Want to show your employer how much you love your job? Follow these five tips to say “thank you” everyday:

  1. Exude Positivity: Show gratitude for your wonderful company by making yourself a positive force in the office. Compliment others on a job well done, tell your boss when a team member has gone above and beyond expectations, and let yourself be known for your optimistic attitude.
  2. Lead by Example: Set a good example for those around you by being a model employee. Show up to the office on time, respect your bosses, take responsibility when you make a mistake, put your problem-solving skills to work, and always be willing to lend a helping hand to fellow team members.
  3. Be an Excellent Communicator: No one wants a silent employee who simply does as told ─ primarily keeping to themselves. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and share your opinions, as your employer wants workers who can collaborate with others and add value to the team.
  4. Work Well With Others: While you can’t choose your team members, you can make a conscious decision to get along with them. Take the time to get to know these people on a personal level ─ attend after hours work functions, take an interest in their lives, and just genuinely be nice. The work environment is much more pleasant when everyone plays nice.
  5. Go the Extra Mile: Show your employer how grateful you are to be there by going the extra mile on your work. If you need to come in a little early or stay a little late to get the job done right, be willing to do so. A readiness to roll your sleeves up and get a little dirty is a great way to show your dedication to the company.

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