Your resume is your first chance to sell yourself to potential employers. The amount of time and effort you put into crafting it can make or break your chance of getting an interview. A professional resume positions you Dall Texas Resume Constructionas a strong candidate, attracting the attention of potential employers, while a shoddy document will quickly find its way into the hiring manager’s rejection pile.

Use these three tips to make your resume stand out:

  1. Personalize Each Resume: Today’s job market is a competitive place to be. Employers often receive so many resumes for each open position that it’s not enough to simply submit your standard all-purpose resume. Instead, you’ll need to closely review the job description to determine exactly what the company is looking for in a new hire. Use this to personalize your resume, including specific key words mentioned in the posting and placing a greater emphasis on your relevant qualifications. Out of 100 applicants, you may be the most qualified person for the job, but there’s a good chance your resume won’t be given a second glance if you don’t make yourself stand out.
  2. Choose the Ideal Format: Contrary to popular belief, the traditional reverse chronological style is not the only acceptable resume format. If you’ve had an employment gap, are trying to transition between careers, or have very little work experience, a functional resume may be a better choice. This style highlights your skills and experience relevant to the position, instead of your lack of years on the job. This is your chance to catch the attention of hiring managers, rather than immediately being discarded due to having minimal relevant work experience. 
  3. Don’t Overlook the Basics: It may seem like common sense to proofread your resume, but you might be surprised how many hiring managers receive documents filled with errors. When you submit a resume with errors, you look sloppy and careless. No one wants to hire someone who can’t even take the time to provide a high-quality resume. Another seemingly easy, yet often overlooked issue is font. Your resume is not the time to get creative. Use a standard font, such as Times New Roman or Arial, so it’s easy to read. Make sure the size is at least 10pt, so the hiring manager doesn’t struggle to make out the words.

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