If you’re not happy in your current career, it may be time to transition into an entirely new field. However, it’s important to take the time to think it through and make sure it’s not just your specific job or other factors in Thinkingyour life causing your discontent.

Once you’re sure your career is the issue, you’ll need to find something else you’d really enjoy doing. Consider things you enjoy and those you don’t like so much about your current position. Take the time to investigate a few different career paths before deciding on your new direction. Talking to professionals currently working in the field can help you determine whether you’re interested in pursuing work in the field.

Effective Tips to Make a Change
When you have settled on your new career path, it’s important to create a strategic plan to break into the field. Use these four tips to get on track:

  • Learn Requirements for New Job
    Perform research to find out what the minimum requirements are for someone working in this field. Determine whether you’ll need to seek additional education, certifications, or training opportunities.

  • Start Networking
    Join a professional organization dedicated to your new career path to meet professionals currently working in the field and spread the word to all of your contacts that you’re trying to change paths. There’s a much greater chance you’ll get hired through a personal connection than by an unknown hiring manager sorting through a pile of resumes.

  • Draw on Past Experience
    Think of all the transferable skills you’ acquired through years of experience in your current position and use this to market yourself. While you may have some catching up to do to prepare for your new career, this proves that you’re not completely starting over.

  • Create a Skills-Based Resume
    Use your list of transferable skills to create a skills-based resume, focusing on what you have to offer employers, instead of your recent work experience, the center of the traditional reverse-chronological resume.

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