When it comes to interviewing candidates for an open position, hiring managers know what’s good on paper doesn’t necessarily translate to best person for the job. However, this doesn’t always make a hiring decision PrideStaff North Dallas | Dallas Recruiterseasy. In fact, it often complicates matters. Do you extend an offer to the top candidate or the best fit?

3 Factors of a Winning Candidate
While hiring the person with the most experience may seem like the obvious decision, that’s not always the best move. Personality traits are innate, but the skills needed to excel in a position can often be learned. Consider these three factors when interviewing candidates:

  1. Personality Fit: Your company culture has a very specific vibe. Whether your office is quiet and serious or fun and quirky, a person on a different wavelength is not going to adapt well. Personality clashes can cause serious issues for a team, so it’s a very bad idea to hire someone who clearly does not fit in.
  2. Work Ethic: The top candidate may be the smartest person in the room, but if they don’t have a solid work ethic, their talents aren’t going to do much good for your company. The best candidate may not have the same skill set as the top contender, but their strong work ethic makes them much more valuable.
  3. Long-Term Dedication: Often times highly skilled candidates move around from job-to-job making contacts and gaining experience just to move on to the next big thing. They view your company as a temporary stepping stone, not a long-term commitment. Instead of wasting time on these people, opt for a person who sees your company as part of their long-range plan.

Making a hiring decision is never easy, but is even more difficult when you try to do it alone. Introducing the top contenders to the team allows you to receive valuable input on candidates from those who will be working with them each day. When the final hiring decision is made by the group, you’re more likely to choose a candidate who’s a great fit for the organization.

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