It’s hard to imagine a single job listing today that wouldn’t require a resume in the application process.resume

Whether you’re interviewing for a CEO position, a warehouse job or a temporary role, a great resume helps you stand out from the crowd. A resume is your first and most important chance to get your foot in the door and potentially land an interview.

But how do you craft a document that will instantly impress prospective employers? Here are a few of the best ways to write an effective resume.

Make it Clear. Keep it Brief.
Many companies receive hundreds—sometimes thousands—of resumes each year. Understandably, hiring managers don’t want to read a wordy, eight-page resume. Your resume should be extremely easy to read and/or scan. This means using bullet points whenever possible and writing simple, clear sentences. Even though your resume needs to showcase all of your career highlights, it still has to communicate in a highly concise fashion.

Incorporate Keywords to Stay on Top.
A growing number of employers now advertise their job listings exclusively online, which means they’re likely using keywords to sort through the applications that they receive. If you’re not familiar with keywords, don’t worry. It’s a simple technique used to filter search results based on specific terms. In short, keywords are search terms that employers use to narrow down their candidate pool. And often they are the same terms that appeared in the original job posting. When an employer receives a large number of resumes from interested candidates, keywords make it easy for them to sort the applicant pool by eliminating anyone whose resume does not include the selected terms. This means that if your job posting asks for an “administrative assistant” with “experience using Excel spreadsheet software,” you should absolutely include these terms in your resume and cover letter.

Start Strong with a Snappy Opening Sentence.
A popular resume technique for getting noticed is to write an eye-catching opening line describing who you are. After you list your name and contact information, consider including a quick profile sentence that follows a similar format to the following: Senior Program Manager with 5+ years experience in an educational publishing environment. This approach gives the hiring manager a fast, clear snapshot of exactly who they are dealing with and helps you stand out from the pack.

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