Losing talented employees is never a good sign for an organization. Particularly if it’s happening over and over again, employee turnover can be extremely detrimental to your business.typing

However, there is a silver lining. Many employee retention strategies have proven effective for undoing perpetual employee turnover. While there will always be reasons that certain staff members choose to leave a job, making a series of important organizational changes can reduce the likelihood of this occurring with regularity.

Struggling to make your employees stick around? It could be time to implement a new (or improved) retention strategy.

Here are a few ways to keep good people on your team

Don’t Hire Out of Desperation.
It’s fairly common for employers to rush into a hiring decision when they’re understaffed. Desperate to boost productivity, sometimes hasty decisions are made that have repercussions later. If your company is guilty of making questionable hires when you’re desperate, you might want to consider working with a staffing agency to ensure higher quality candidates. That way you’ll always know that you’re interviewing pre-screened, dedicated, reliable professionals who will be far less likely to jump ship after only a short stint at your company.

Offer Competitive Wages.
We all know money talks. It’s an unfortunate reality for an employer, but many employees are willing to leave a job if/when they realize that they can make more money elsewhere. If you think that the main reason for your employee turnover has to do with your wages, perhaps it’s time to consider offering more competitive compensation packages. The most popular organizations always provide wages at or above the industry average. Don’t lose talented staff to your competitor simply because you’re unwilling to invest a bit more money in your employees.

Celebrate Employee Achievement.
No one wants to feel as though his or her good work goes unrewarded. Sometimes all an organization needs to do in order to make their staff happier is to foster a more appreciative company culture. Never forget to offer words of encouragement to your team and celebrate their achievements. You might even want to start an employee of the month or awards program to formally recognize positive workplace behavior. Remember: a happy employee is an employee that’s in it for the long haul. It’s worth it to you to keep your team as happy as possible.

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