4 Recruiting Trends to Know For 2022

The new year is just around the corner, and you’re ready to start thinking about hiring. You’re planning to expand your team in 2022, so you’re interested in learning how to find the best and brightest candidates.

Being on top of current recruiting trends is a must because it will help you connect with top talent. Here’s a look at the hiring trends you can expect to see in the new year.

Greater Emphasis on Flexibility

The COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of Americans to start working from home — and many liked it. These people taste the flexibility remote work offers and don’t want to give it up. Now that they know their jobs can be performed anywhere, they’re interested in companies that offer this perk. You don’t have to make these positions entirely remote, but offering work-from-home capabilities at least some of the time will make the job more attractive to top talent.

Streamlined Social Recruiting

Companies have been recruiting via social media for years but expect to see hiring strategies become more targeted. It’s important to keep up with the latest social platforms to ensure you can connect with fresh talent. To remain relevant and develop a following, you’ll need to use different media types to recruit — i.e., video, live video, infographics.

Strong Employer Branding

People want to work for a company with an outstanding reputation. Therefore, you must continuously strive to make sure your brand is viewed in a positive light. At the core, this means you’ll need to cultivate a solid company culture that depicts who your team is and what they stand for. Projecting the right image to the world will attract candidates who are a strong cultural fit.

Proactive Recruiting

Traditionally, you probably don’t start searching for talent until you have a job opening. However, savvy recruiters will get one step ahead of the game by creating a talent pool of candidates that would be a good fit for the company when a job opens up. This will make hiring quicker and more efficient because the right candidate will already be waiting in the wings when it’s time to fill a position.

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