4 Must-Have Qualities of an Effective Manager

Being the boss is a really big job. Whether you’ve just become a first-time manager or have been in your current role for years, you want to make sure you’re doing the best for your team.

You have a huge impact on your employees’ lives, including everything from their level of job satisfaction to career progression, so it’s important to keep yourself in check. Here’s a look at four qualities you need to be successful in a managerial role.


Work isn’t the only thing that matters to your employees. These people also have a personal life, and enjoying a sense of balance might require some understanding on your part.

For example, one worker might need an early schedule to take their kids to school and pick them up each day. Another might need to work remotely a few days a week while their home is undergoing repairs so that they can let contractors in.

Having a manager who supports a solid work-life balance makes a world of difference to employees, allowing them to enjoy the best of both worlds. This creates higher retention rates and increased productivity because people are happy with their jobs.


Whether you need to tell an employee their performance is subpar or have bad news to share about the company, being honest isn’t always easy. However, it’s always necessary because people deserve to know the truth.

When providing feedback, try to remember you’re doing so to help the other person grow. Be polite, explain exactly what they’re doing wrong, and give specific examples to help them improve. If you’re sharing unpleasant news about the company, divulge this information as quickly as possible because people will appreciate hearing it from their boss instead of a third party.


No one wants to work for a mean or otherwise uncaring manager. Treat your employees the way you would want your own boss to behave toward you.

This means considering honest mistakes a learning experience — instead of making the employee feel incompetent — and going the extra mile to accommodate special needs and circumstances — i.e., designating a special parking spot for a pregnant employee.


A managerial role is a huge responsibility. In addition to being in charge of your team, you’re also accountable for their work. This causes many people in your position to become a micromanager because they’re too nervous about letting go of the reins.

The thing is, you can’t be an effective manager if you don’t trust your team. You have to stand back and give them the freedom to complete tasks their own way. If you don’t, you’ll drive them crazy and cause yourself to have a seriously unmanageable workload.

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