This is How To Make Sure Your Temp Employees Feel Valued

You’re about to welcome a few temporary employees to your company, and you want to make sure they feel at home. Some of these workers might only be around for a short while, but they have the potential to make a real impact.

Whether they’ll be helping you through a busy season, filling in while you search for a long-term hire, or providing a specific skillset you only need for a limited time, you’re grateful to have them as part of your team. Here’s some advice to help them feel valued on your watch.

Make It a Team Effort

Having a kind manager is important to temp workers’ job satisfaction, but that alone won’t cut it. They’ll likely be spending more time with the rest of your team than you, so full-time employees need to treat them with respect.

Make it clear doing anything less is not an option by meeting with them beforehand to discuss what the temps will be doing, why they were hired, and what you expect from your full-time staffers during their tenure. Give your team time to ask questions so everyone is on the same page prior to your temps’ arrival.

Discuss Their Future With the Company

When their tenure with your team has a definitive end date, it can be hard for temps to get motivated. If it’s possible to end their contract with a job offer, let them know as soon as they get started with your company.

Of course, you’ll want to meet with each person first to find out if they’re interested in a full-time gig. If so, explain what they’ll need to do to get hired, as this will inspire them to do their very best work.

Assign a Mentor

Getting acclimated to a new company isn’t easy. Show temps how excited you are to have them on the team by assigning each one a mentor — i.e., a member of your full-time staff — who can show them the ropes.

Having a designated point person to rely on will make them feel more comfortable because many people get shy about asking too many questions. Their mentor will also serve as an automatic buddy who can help them get to know the rest of the team.

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