Filling open positions the right way is hard work. Chances are, the hiring activities on your plate are in addition to your daily responsibilities, which is a lot to take on. You’re doing your best to conduct a thorough search process, but you don’t have the bandwidth to give every task the attention it deserves.

You’ve thought about teaming up with a staffing agency, but you’re a bit leery, since you’ve never worked with a recruiter before. This makes sense, but when you choose the right staffing partner, you’ll only wonder what took you so long to come around.

Here’s a look at five advantages of joining forces with a staffing agency.

Save Time

Hiring a new employee is a job in itself. When added onto your standard duties, the amount of work can be overwhelming. Since you’ll have to prioritize the most important tasks, it will likely take considerable time to fill the position.

When you work with a recruiter, this is a non-issue. These professionals hire for a living, so they’re able to dedicate themselves to the cause on a full-time basis.

Cut Costs

Time is money. A drawn-out hiring process will impact your bottom line, because your business isn’t able to operate as usual. Current employees are forced to pick up the slack, which costs your company overtime. Tasks deemed non-essential are pushed to the side, decreasing the quality of output and hindering growth opportunities.

This doesn’t happen when you have a staffing partner, because they’re able to fill your open positions quickly. As a result, you’ll be fully staffed in no time at all.

Find Top Talent

When you post an open position on your HR site or a job board, you pique the interest of candidates actively seeking employment. This can be a problem, because your ideal fit might already have a job.

Recruiters maintain talent pools filled with both active and passive job seekers. Consequently, they’re able to get your job opening in front of gainfully employed talent, who otherwise would never know the job is available.

Enjoy Flexible Hiring Options

Right now, your employees are hired on a permanent basis. You might have a mix of full-time and part-time staffers, but they work year-round. The problem is, you may only need some of them occasionally or during busy seasons.

When you work with a recruiting agency, they can help assess your staffing needs, to make sure you’re not spending more on payroll than necessary. If this is the case, they’ll work with you to create temporary or temp-to-hire positions that better meet your needs.

Increase the Quality of Hires

Choosing the right person for the job is hard work. You’ve probably had no formal HR training and only fill open positions occasionally, making this task especially challenging.

Since recruiters hire for a living, they’re experts on the matter. They know what makes a perfect hire, and they won’t stop searching until they find the right fit.

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