3 Tips to Prove Your Value in a Job Interview

You’re a fantastic candidate with a lot to offer any company, but you need to learn how to articulate what you can bring to the table. During a job interview, it’s almost inevitable you’ll be asked some form of the question “How will you add value to this company?”

If you’re not prepared, this one can really stump you up, so having a strong answer ready to go is a must. Always tailor your response to the company, because the interviewer wants someone destined to shine in this particular opportunity.

Here are three tips to help you craft the perfect response.

Align Your Strengths With Job Requirements

You have a lot of strengths to offer, but focusing on those irrelevant to the job can hurt your chances of getting hired. Avoid this by carefully reading the job description, and highlighting both required and nice-to-have skills noted that you possess. When putting your response together, place a huge emphasis on these abilities, because they’re what the interviewer wants to hear.

Provide Specific Examples

Saying you excel at something is nice, but really drive your talents home by putting your money where your mouth is. Do this by providing examples of past achievements that highlight your fit for the job. Offering up relevant context will make it easier for the interviewer to envision you in the position.

Highlight Your Cultural Fit

Displaying a strong skills fit for the job is imperative, but that’s not the only thing that matters. Conduct background research — review it’s website, blog, social media presence, and etc. — to learn as much as possible about the company culture.

Use your newfound knowledge to explain why you’re a perfect match for the team — i.e., you thrive in an open office environment and prefer group work to individual tasks. New hires who don’t mesh with the company culture typically don’t last, so the importance of this step cannot be underestimated.

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