Immediately Grab a Recruiter’s Attention With These Resume Tips

It’s always exciting to come across a posting for a job you’re really interested in. The only problem is, if the job caught your eye, it’s probably on the radar of dozens — maybe even hundreds — of other candidates. This means your resume really needs to stand out from the crowd.

Recruiters only have a few seconds to scan each resume, so if yours doesn’t immediately captivate them, it will land in the reject pile. Here are a few tips to ensure it makes the cut.

Use Standard Formatting

You might think fancy graphics will make your resume really pop, but it could work against you. Most recruiters use software to preliminarily scan resumes, but anything non-text probably won’t be recognized by a computer. This means all the hard work you put into these features will probably be in vain. Therefore, it’s best to opt for basic formatting that truly gets the job done.

Organize Information Clearly

Make your resume easy to follow by arranging information in a manner that makes sense. It’s wisest to follow a standard format, such as chronological, functional or combination. Choose the arrangement that makes sense for your unique situation — i.e., functional, if your work history includes notable employment gaps — to present yourself in the best possible manner.

Create Distinct Sections

Make your resume easy for a recruiter to read by starting every segment with a bolded header. This allows them to instantly know what information is contained in the section, so they don’t have to figure it out themselves. This also makes it easier to scan, which will work in your favor.

Quantify Achievements

It’s one thing to say you accomplished something, but that doesn’t mean much until you put your money where your mouth is. For example, saying you retooled a process that saved the company money is nice, but noting that process cut operating expenses by 15 precent really drives the point home. Since the recruiter doesn’t know you, it’s important to paint a full picture that highlights what you can bring to the table.

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