Many people dread job interviews, but for others, it’s their time to shine. This can make interviewing difficult, because the right person for the job isn’t necessarily the smoothest candidate.

The last thing you want is to hire a seemingly perfect candidate, only to realize their interview performance was all smoke and mirrors. Get it right by using these three tips to choose the best fit.

Give Them a Test Assignment

Performance doesn’t lie. A candidate might be able to talk a good game, but if they can’t put their money where their mouth is, you shouldn’t hire them. Put their skills under the microscope by giving them a test project, so you can see exactly what they have to offer. You might find the person who talked the biggest game, doesn’t begin to compare to the nervous candidate who fumbled through their responses.

Put an Informal Spin on the Interview

Suave candidates know exactly how to conduct themselves in a traditional interview setting, but if you switch things up, they might show their true colors. Tack a team lunch onto the interview to size the person up against an informal backdrop. No doubt, they’ll still be working hard to impress, but getting out of the conference room will likely encourage more of their real personality to shine through. This is a great opportunity to gauge personality characteristics that will help you determine their cultural fit.

Gather Feedback From the Entire Team

Some candidates charm interviewers, but aren’t as polite to other employees they come in contact with during their time at the office. This is telling, because you don’t want to hire someone who doesn’t treat every single team member with respect. After the person leaves the building, try to chat with everyone they came in contact with — i.e., security guard at the front desk, administrative assistant, intern — to get their opinions. If the candidate clearly treated you differently than those not involved in a hiring decision, move on to the next.

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