During the hiring process, you met a lot of really amazing candidates, but unfortunately, you could only choose one person. Extending a job offer is a fun call to make, but letting candidates know they weren’t selected isn’t the most pleasant task.

When it comes to this step, many companies drop the ball, making those not chosen feel like they wasted their time — and that’s not right. Everyone who vied for the position deserves to be informed of your final decision, because it’s the right thing to do. Here’s how to break the news in a respectful manner.

Don’t Delay

Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes. When interviewing for a job you really want, it’s hard to focus on anything else. Candidates are likely sitting by the phone and refreshing their email inbox every few minutes, so don’t keep them in suspense any longer than necessary.

Not only is a prompt notification the right thing to do, it will also keep your company in the candidate’s good graces. This will — hopefully — eliminate any negative comments about your company’s interview process on social media or online review sites.

Give a Specific Reason

Finding out you weren’t selected for a job is discouraging, but it’s even more frustrating when you don’t understand why. Help the candidate learn and grow by sharing exactly what caused them to be passed up. If this is something in their control, they can use your feedback to improve for their next interview, increasing their chances of getting hired.

Keep the Door Open

The person wasn’t the best fit for this job, but that doesn’t mean they’re not right for your company. Let them know you’d like to keep their file on hand for future opportunities. Prove you’re serious about staying in touch by sending them a request to connect on LinkedIn. This will make it easy to follow their career movements and reach out the next time a position they might be interested in opens up on your team.

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