The average time to hire in the U.S. is 23.8 days, according to a 2017 survey conducted by Glassdoor. If your company takes notably longer, that’s a problem.

While hiring decisions should never be taken lightly, there is such a thing as being too slow. Find out what you have to lose by allowing your hiring process to drag on longer than necessary.

It Hurts Your Bottom Line

Productivity takes a hit when you don’t have all hands on deck. In the interim, existing employees are forced to work overtime — and that adds up fast. Try as they might, a short-staffed team can’t function at full capacity, which will ultimately cause a decline in revenue.

Candidates Will Lose Interest

You’d like to think top candidates are only interested in working at your company, but that’s not the case. These people want a new job, so they’ll keep applying elsewhere until they find one. If you drag your feet, it’s quite likely another organization with a streamlined hiring process will scoop up your first choice candidates before you finally make a move.

Tarnish Your Reputation

Having a slow hiring process isn’t a good look. Candidates will become frustrated, and they’ll confide in their family, friends and associates. If they give up on your company entirely, they might even post negative comments on social media or write a poor review on Glassdoor, which can discourage other potential candidates from applying.

Can Lead to Poor Decisions

Keeping track of different candidates is challenging enough over a short period, but a lengthy interview process can make this downright impossible. There’s a good chance you’ll start to confuse candidates, which can cause you to accidently choose the wrong person.

Even if that doesn’t happen, it’s possible you’ll just reach a breaking point and decide to settle on someone who isn’t the right fit. Choosing the wrong person for the job is a very costly decision you’ll quickly regret.

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