Your company culture is what makes the business unique. The set of values and behaviors the business is built on sets the tone for your work environment. Employees abide by these norms on a daily basis, and when hiring, you seek candidates whose values align with these cultural standards.

There’s a common misconception that once a company has laid the foundation for its culture, things can’t be changed, but that’s wholly inaccurate. Culture should always be something that unites your team and makes the business stronger. If you feel like yours is headed down a toxic or otherwise unproductive path, it’s time to assess the situation.

7 Questions to Help Evaluate Your Company Culture

  • On a personal level, is there anything employees should or shouldn’t be doing to better promote organizational goals?
  • How does culture affect the way your team manages goals and responsibilities?
  • Do any values come with unintended side effects that impact how employees work together?
  • Are people encouraged to take risks? How is failure handled?
  • Does company leadership handle themselves in a manner consistent with company values?
  • What is the team’s main source of conflict, and how is it typically resolved?
  • How are both individual and team accomplishments recognized?

Changing Your Culture for the Better

When evaluating your company culture, you probably found both positive and negative aspects. Be proud of the things you’re doing right and get inspired by areas for improvement. Sure, in their current state, certain aspects of your company might not please you, but now that you know what’s going on, you can make changes for the better.

Decide what you want to improve, create a plan and get your team on board. Employees look to you for guidance, so lead by example and they’ll follow suit. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but keep working at it, and before long, you’ll have the kind of work environment that perfectly fits your vision for the company.

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