Temporary workers can be hugely beneficial to your organization, but many have trouble acclimating to the team. Oftentimes, companies inadvertently treat temps differently than permanent employees, which ultimately impacts their performance.

The key to getting maximum productivity from your temp employees is making them feel like they belong, so welcome them with open arms. Encourage your permanent staffers not to treat temps like outsiders by being cognizant of your own behavior towards them.

Have Their Workspace Ready Upon Arrival

You wouldn’t think of not having a workstation set up for a traditional new hire’s first day, so give the same consideration to temps. Make sure each person has everything they need to get started from day one — desk, chair, computer, access to necessary software programs, etc. This attention to detail will make them feel valued and appreciated immediately.

Give Them a Proper Orientation

They’ll only be at your organization for a short time, but temps are still doing work on behalf of your company. Therefore, it only makes sense to have them participate in a new hire orientation. Receiving this introduction will allow them to learn more about your company history, products, values and goals, which will make them feel like part of the team.

Ask Them to Attend All Staff Meetings

When the rest of your team heads to the conference room for a meeting, your temps will feel like outsiders if they’re not included. Not only is it inconsiderate to leave them out, it also doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint. They’re currently working with your team, so they almost certainly have valuable insights to add to the discussion. Take advantage of having someone with a different perspective weigh in on company initiatives.

Invite Them to Team Outings

Even worse than not inviting temps to a staff meeting is pretending they’re invisible when arranging group lunches, happy hours and coffee breaks. Whether intentional or not, it feels terrible to be left out when everyone else is having fun. This is a great opportunity to get to know a new person, which could result in a valuable business connection or even a fantastic new friend.

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