In the past, hiring managers and human resources traditionally handled the entire candidate selection process. Employees were only informed a new hire had been selected after the person accepted the job offer. Everyone would meet for the first time on the new staffer’s first day and hope for the best. However, things have changed.

These days, an increasing number of managers realize the importance of involving the team in the hiring process from the start. If you’re still not convinced hiring decisions should be a group process, learn the benefits you’ll realize by getting key staffers involved.

3 Reasons to Involve Your Staff in the Hiring Process

  1. Get a Well-Rounded Prospective

When you meet with a potential candidate, you see the person at their very best because everyone wants to impress the hiring manager. People’s true colors tend to shine when the boss leaves the room, so allowing your team a little time to meet with candidates alone can help you gain a broader prospective. Plus you can make sure the person has all the high-level skills needed to succeed, but your employees will be working side-by-side with the new hire, so they have the most detailed definition of what they need in a new team member.

  1. Gauge Culture Fit

It’s easy to determine if a candidate has the skills needed to succeed, but verifying their cultural fit is more of a challenge. One person has the power to change the group dynamic, so getting this right is essential. When the team and the candidate have the opportunity to meet face-to-face, they get the chance to feel one another out. On your own, you might not be able to tell if the person will fit in with the team, but it will be obvious when everyone is in the same room.

  1. Make the Team Stronger

As an employee, being left out of the hiring process is very disconcerting. People become disengaged when their thoughts and opinions about a new employee don’t matter. Allowing everyone to be part of the decision-making process makes the group stronger, because everyone gets the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions. Employees feel valued and included when their boss asks them to be part of a decision that will impact the future of the business.

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