Getting to the top of your field takes a lot of hard work and determination. If you feel like you’ve been stuck in the same place for awhile, take a long, hard look at the situation to see what’s holding you back. After doing a bit of digging, you might be surprised to see you’re actually standing in the way of your own success.

Certain behaviors can limit — or completely halt — your ascent up the ladder, so it’s time to engage in some self-realization. If you’re not behaving like a consummate professional at work, you’re not going to get promoted until you get it together.

4 Behaviors That Inhibit Career Growth

If any of these four behaviors can be used to describe you, wake up and make some much-needed changes.

  1. Inability to Work With Others.

    You may prefer solo work, but you still need to be able to collaborate with your peers. If you have trouble listening to other people’s ideas and joining forces on group projects, you’re not going to get too far in the professional realm. Learn to compromise and add value to the team — instead of being a detriment — and you’ll get much farther in your career.

  2. Not Leaving Personal Issues at Home.

    Everyone has a personal life, but most people are able to check their issues at the office door. If you’re constantly taking personal calls, using the Internet for non-work purposes and talking to your colleagues about problems at home, you’re probably barely able to do your job. If you’re not focused on work, you can’t expect to get ahead, so realign your priorities from 9 to 5 and show your boss what you’re capable of achieving.

  3. Trouble Admitting Mistakes.

    No one is perfect. Even top performers make mistakes, but instead of ignoring them, they admit their missteps, learn from them and move on. If you can’t acknowledge your blunders, choosing to point fingers at others instead, you’re spinning a web of denial that’s holding you back. Humble yourself enough to concede when you’re wrong, so you can see the error in your ways and avoid making the same mistake next time.

  4. Frequent Absences.

    You might be the most talented person your employer has ever had on staff, but this can all be diminished by a spotty attendance record. Everyone takes sick days and vacation days, but if you’ve pushed the limits into unreliable territory, you can’t be trusted to handle more responsibilities. When you constantly miss project meetings and important deadlines, you become a liability, rather than an asset to the team. Start showing up for work every day on a regular basis, and after you’ve consistently proven yourself, you’ll be trusted with more career-enhancing tasks.

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