We coordinate job interviews between our clients and employees every day. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, “What do I need to know for the interview?” Interviews are tricky. Candidates want to appear confident, but not too confident; professional, but not stiff; eager, but not desperate.

Here are our top five tips for candidates who want to knock an interview out of the park.


 1. Research. Prior to the interview, do your research. Read through the job description, review the company online, and gain a knowledge of what is expected of employees within the organization.

2. Dress for the job or position. Though many companies host casual dress codes, it is always a good idea to dress professional. Candidates should dress as if they are trying to earn the role; not have it handed to them. Dress to your character and style, but in a professional manner.

3. Bring questions. Interviews will always end with the hiring manager(s) asking, “Do you have any questions?” Think about your curiosities of the company and position. Is this a team-orriented environment? How would I know that I’m doing a good job in this role? Does this position lead to growth potential?

4. Prepare for the negative questions. Candidates spend the majority of an interview bragging on themselves. Hiring managers want you hear your strong points. However, it is also important for them to dig into your negative traits, and most importantly, how you overcome them. Candidates will likely be asked, “What is your weakness,” or something to that effect. Be prepared to give an example of a struggle, but also what strategies you have to conquer and succeed.

5. Clean up your social media. It’s no secret that companies are using social media when making hiring decisions. After all, they want to know the real person they are hiring. What do your social media pages say about you? How will your page compare to the other candidates who applied for the job as well?


Now, go out and rock your next job interview!

These tips may seem like a lot of work, but the key to a successful interview is putting in the effort. Being prepared for an interview shows determination and professionalism.


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