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Being promoted to management is both a huge honor and an immense responsibility, as there’s a very big difference between being part of the team and leading it. Consequently, many new Managers have an adjustment period filled with mistakes, as they get comfortable in their new role. Of course no one expects them to get everything right the first time, but some slipups can be harder to bounce back from than others.

4 Common Mistakes that New Managers Consistently Make

If you’ve recently taken on your first managerial role ─ congratulations! You’re probably feeling excited and overwhelmed in this new position. While you settle into your new job, be sure not to make the following four mistakes that so many others in your shoes have fallen victim to:

Being Too Friendly

When you’re just starting out, you want everyone to like you. Having authority is still new and slightly uncomfortable, so it’s easy to go a bit soft on your team. While it is important to be a friendly and fair boss, you don’t want to categorize yourself as a pushover. Find the right balance between approachable and authoritative, so your team doesn’t take advantage of your kindness.


There’s a lot of pressure involved with being a new boss. You want to prove yourself as highly capable of succeeding in the position, so it’s easy to get carried away inadvertently micromanage your people. It may be difficult, but you’ll need to take a step back and put a little trust in your team. No one wants to feel like their boss doesn’t trust them.

Treating All Employees the Same Way

When you become the boss, it’s easy to forget that people are motivated by different outcomes. Rather than trying to energize everyone the same way, you have to find out what drives each person and use this to inspire them to reach their potential.

Taking All the Credit

It’s only natural for senior management and other department leaders to compliment you when your team succeeds. However, you need to be a humble leader and give credit where it’s deserved or your employees will quickly grow to resent you. When their work makes you look good, it’s important to return the favor and recognize their efforts.

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