LinkedIn is an essential site for every professional to have a presence on, whether or not you’re actively seeking new opportunities. The professional social networking platform provides a unique opportunity to connect withPrideStaff Dallas | Make Your LinkedIn Profile Standout with These Tips professionals working in your field across the world.

In fact, as of June 2013, LinkedIn reports that more than 259 million users in 200 countries and territories have a presence on the site. While you’ll never run out of new people to network with, the sheer volume of users means you need to work extra hard to make sure your profile stands out.

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Standout with These 4 Tips

Whether you’re new to LinkedIn or simply feel it’s time to refresh your profile, using the following four tactics is sure to make you stand out from the millions of other users:

  1. Write a Catchy Headline: Most people use the space under their name to simply write their job title. While this does provide some idea of what you do, it’s boring. Instead, maximize the use of this important area by writing an eye-catching headline. For example, rather than saying just saying you’re a bookkeeper, you could say “experienced bookkeeper focused on the bottom line.”
  2. Use a Professional Profile Photo: On sites like Facebook and Twitter, personal profile photos are acceptable and encouraged, but not so much on LinkedIn. If you have a professional headshot, use that. Otherwise you can fake it by having someone take your picture against a white back drop. Make sure you’re dressed nicely and appear presentable.
  3. Get Detailed: Fill your LinkedIn profile with as much detail as possible. Thoroughly complete your work history to make it a comprehensive online resume. You can also use the space to provide detail on any volunteer work you do or professional organizations you belong to. The more information, the better!
  4. Seek Recommendations: Ask colleagues, your manager and people you have worked with in the past to “recommend” you on LinkedIn. These positive recommendations appear on your profile, telling everyone who views it how great you are, serving as a sure way to impress potential employers.

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